About US

For more than forty years, Control Service Company (CSC) has provided Building Automation and Energy Management solutions to hundreds of customers throughout Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas. We’ve demonstrated the ability to harness the latest technology & resources to deliver systems and services that ensure occupant comfort while optimizing energy efficiency and sustainability.

Our systems are installed in commercial office buildings, industrial plants, critical mission facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, government complexes, hospitality/entertainment venues and retail locations across the Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas marketplace.

We support our customers’ core mission by providing workplace comfort, energy and operational savings. We control HVAC , Central Plants, Critical process applications and lighting. Through our user friendly comprehensive Web-Based technology we provide building managers global access to their facility data- any place at any time.

While the controls industry is mature in a traditional sense, we see the industry in a growth stage to information and knowledge management as it applies to extracting and utilizing the data from their building automation system. We see many facility managers and building owners invest in a building management system however not capitalizing on the ability to access, collect and evaluate their building systems data driving efficiency and building occupant comfort.

Control Service Company remains committed to adding valuable services in the area of consolidating data and creating useful information for owners. It isn’t enough anymore to have a sophisticated building automation system in your building, if all it does is bury you in data. We provide you with meaningful and useful tools to harvest this data in order to successfully manage your building, energy, and occupant comfort.