Our design capabilities, installations and services include state of the art open technology systems to control and monitor our Building Management System. Working with a broad spectrum of owners, architects, mechanical contractors, consulting engineers and construction managers, we utilize the latest in facility automation system hardware and software for new construction projects and building retrofits.


Control Service Company prides itself on partnering with our customer base on customized service delivery plans. Our approach is to sit with you and together develop a detailed customized plan to support your building needs coupled with your operating budget levels. Together we determine your building priorities and also review your critical needs so we can best develop a Service Plan for your facility. To date we have been successful in our partnerships because it is just that: a partnership. We’ll work to develop a plan that compliments your existing staff and their needs. 

Control Service Company works with our client base to ensure Automated Logic education through proactive training. This is not only in regards to the system operation, but the software and graphical development as well.

Our service goal is to make our clients effective and efficient in the operation of their system, and to allow their systems to operate at peak performance. We achieve this by offering the following services:

  • Unlimited Training to our service agreement customers
  • Full time local technical support - 24/7 Response
  • Proactive and Reactive Remote Monitoring
  • Detailed Service Delivery Plans
  • BMS Network Analysis
  • Software Update Programs
  • Scheduled Maintenance Routines
  • Service Account Management
  • System Upgrades and Additions

Control Service Company has a team of professionals including PE’s, LEED AP’s and CEM’s to support your Energy Management and Sustainability Initiatives.


We believe the operation of the HVAC equipment has to be closely integrated to maximize the overall building performance; whereby creating a comfortable, healthy and sustainable environment for our Customers. Our expertise in facility automation allows us to interface with other systems such as emergency generators, fuel oil systems, electrical distribution, and access control. These systems can communicate over a variety of different protocols such as BACNet over IP, over an existing LAN, MODBUS, LonWorks and other third party protocols. All solutions, whether hard wired or integration, employ powerful graphic user interface tools that allow our Customers to see and manage their facility no matter where they are located in the world.

Our Operation/Installation teams will develop an implementation plan and apply the highest level of control engineering to ensure project success and customer satisfaction.

At Control Service Company we provide any and all services relating to energy management. You tell us your goals for your building, buildings, or complex and we'll design a system to accomplish your goals. As our client list shows, we provide our services in any and all buildings, be they schools, hospitals, data centers, churches, hotels, or anything name it we provide energy management systems for it. And no matter how complex the building or system is, we always make the energy management system easy to navigate and use.

If you have any needs or questions, contact us.