What e-parts means to you...

E-fficiency: Designed for your "one stop shopping." E-parts provides over 200,000 HVAC parts from more than 35 manufacturers all from one user friendly website.

E-conomical: Your order may consist of several parts from several manufacturers; but you will issue & track only one purchase order. That means reduction in the amount of purchase orders you issue each day.

E-ffective: Using E-Parts you can place an order, track it through UPS of FedEx, store your most frequently ordered parts, retrieve PDF files for each product, and a multitude of other functions.

E-xperience: Control Service Company has been a leader in the HVAC and Automated Controls industry for more than 40 years. In the course of our history we have developed expertise in product knowledge and applications.

E-dge: With its intuitive catalog and advanced technologies E-Parts is a 21st Century purchasing system. This allows for paperless transactions and an overall increase in labor productivity.

E-xcellence: Because we believe customer satisfaction is priority #1.