Energy Savings and Sustainable Operations

September 13, 2010

Energy Savings and Sustainable Operations

Our building control solutions cut operating costs without cutting back on comfort

With tighter operating budgets, stricter government guidelines and increasing public awareness, energy savings and resource conservation have become top priorities in the public and private sectors. And with those priorities, sustainable building operations have become a real balancing act between energy use and occupant comfort.

But facility managers know that saving on energy expenses cannot come at the expense of comfort. Studies have linked comfort levels to error rates and productivity, absenteeism and even successful classroom learning. An energy policy that fosters disgruntled employees or underperforming students is not smart policy at all.

So the key is to strike a predictable and measurable balance – and to maintain that balance consistently.

Automated Logic’s WebCTRL® puts you in complete control of your energy-saving program

WebCTRL®, our web-based building automation system, provides all you need to develop and maintain successful energy-saving strategies. A fully integrated system with powerful reporting, trending and scheduling capabilities, only WebCTRL features two unique tools that enable you to manage the relationship between energy consumption and comfort both easily and effectively:

The Environmental Index™ (EI) offers a real measure of workplace or classroom comfort, recording how accurately a zone temperature maintains its heating and cooling setpoints. The EI registers poor to optimal (0% to 100%) conditions on an analog gauge and can incorporate relative humidity, CO2 levels and other environmental factors into its readings. Every occupied zone, area, floor or building can be calculated, weighted for priority, trended and reported.

EnergyReports™ leverages WebCTRL’s extensive trending capabilities to generate operating data, in graphic or spreadsheet format, for tracking and analyzing building performance. Reports include Occupied/Unoccupied Usage, Cooling Degree Days/Heating Degree Days, low-median-high data and benchmark comparison data. And EnergyReports can simultaneously display the Environmental Index for direct, side-by-side comparison and assessment of energy use and comfort.

Lighting the way to additional energy savings

Facility managers know that lighting protocols can have a profound impact upon energy use, comfort and productivity as well. WebCTRL’s new LC-line of lighting control panels provides superior lighting control with complex lighting management functionality for occupancy control, scheduling, daylight harvesting and more. Along with the Environmental Index and EnergyReports, it’s one more way Automated Logic can help you:

  • Lower your energy and operating costs
  • Increase your ENERGY STAR® rating
  • Achieve LEED® certification