Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Nelson-Atkins Museum Of Art


Control Service Company Wins Automated Logic’s 2004 Project of the Year Award


Proven record of quality and service earns Facilities Director’s recommendation to use Control Service Company to replace the existing Johnson Controls system…


  1. Leading up to this major milestone celebration, a huge project took place which involved building a new underground parking structure, complete overhaul of the central plant, a new 160,000 square foot underground expansion building and a phased complete renovation of the existing 600,000 square foot facility.


The mechanical systems installed are state of the art systems and so of course are the controls. The art work environment is critical and tight control of individual gallery temperatures and humidity is the primary concern. There are clean steam to steam generators, UV light grids and high efficiency filtration system to protect the art work environment. The entire facility contains environmental control systems, even the mechanical/electrical rooms.  Automated Logic Systems are being used to control and monitor the entire facility.


Around December 2003 Johnson Controls was providing budgets for the new project and already had a contract to control the new central plant being installed in the next 3 months.  The Nelson had recently appointed a new facility director.  The new director had past experiences with Control Service Company while working at Sprint PCS and knew we had a proven track record from our installations and service at his Sprint facility.  CSC was invited to bid the central plant project and the new Block Building and arrived as the only other competitor to Johnson Controls.  After pricing the project at 75% of Johnson’s price, Control Service Company was named as the sole controls contractor on the central plant project and all future projects.  


Central Plant Project

Control Service Company has provided full integration with most of the major equipment and is now directly controlling all aspects of the plant with the Automated Logic System.  Third party integration for just the central plant was over 1200 points. Here is a summary of the major systems and equipment.


Chilled Water System

This system runs year round to provide critical de-humidification control for the museum. The design is Primary/Secondary with an N+2 redundancy scheme. The Automated Logic Systems installed are directly controlling all critical functions with full integration to the chillers and variable speed drives.


(3)        York Millennium Chillers

(4)        Marley Cooling Towers

(3)        Secondary Pumps

(3)        Primary Pumps

(3)        Condenser Pumps


Steam Boiler System

This system is critical to the facility and provides steam for humidification as well as being the source for normal heating, pre-heat and reheat for the de-humidification process. This system also has an N+2 redundancy scheme and which controls the entire process from boiler staging and sequencing to the actual firing rate of the boilers. There are also controls to an air handler for the boiler room that’s serves as the combustion air unit via room pressurization control and temperature control.


(3) 15MBH Superior Boilers

(1) Special Design Air Handler


Electrical Systems

This system is monitoring the mains and all sub- breakers on the Cutler Hammer switch gear via modbus. The dedicated Cutler Hammer monitoring system was replaced with a modbus concentrator monitoring system. Integration to the Onan-Cummins generators was a requirement for this project. LON was the only option offered that would directly communicate to the ALC system and the vendor wanted a substantial add to implement. A Johnson Controls Integrator and Driver (leftover parts the owner had purchased in the changeover) were used to communicate with the generators. The Integrator was hung on an N2 portal to accomplish this task. Monitoring systems were put in place for all of the transfer switches, EPOs and fire pump controls.


Miscellaneous Systems

Refrigerant Monitoring

Mechanical Room Temperature Control

Gas and Power Utility Usage Monitoring

Domestic Hot Water System Monitoring

Snow Melt System Controls

Pneumatic Air Systems Monitoring

Drain Sump and Condensate Pumps, Status & Level Monitoring


 Bloch Building Project

In June of 2007 the Nelson-Atkins unveiled a boldly transformed the campus with the opening of the Bloch Building, marking a new era of distinction as one of the nation’s premier art museums.  The Bloch Building, a significant work of contemporary architecture is woven harmoniously into the surrounding landscape of the Kansas City Sculpture Park.  The physical point count is substantial but the project also has a large number of integration points (approx 5000+).


(20)      Air Handling Units Both VAV, CAV and Custom Design

(50)      VAV Reheat Control Boxes

(100+) CAV Reheat/Humidification Control Zone

(75+)   Leak Detection Zones

(2)        Steam to Hot Water Converters

(2)        Hot Water Pumps

(2)        Clean Steam Generators

            Multiple Fan Coil, Fintube and Exhaust Systems


Simplex Fire Alarm Integration

Cutler Hammer Lighting Integration

Cutler Hammer Switchgear Integration

Lutron Dimmer System Integration

Shade Control System Integration

Danfoss Variable Speed Drive Integration


Ford Learning Center Project

This was the first project in the multiyear plan to renovate the entire existing museum. This remarkable facility is available to all ages and offers innovative programs and classes to further the Nelson-Atkins’ reputation as a national model for museum-based education. This beautiful setting is fertile ground for the imagination and includes seven renovated classrooms, a state-of-the-art training room and exhibition space for art by children and adults.


(1)        CAV Air Handler

(2)        VAV Air Handing Units

(20)      VAV Reheat Control Boxes

(4)        IDF Room Fan Coil Units

(2)        Steam to Hot Water Converters

(2)        Hot Water Pumps

Simplex Fire Alarm Integration

GE Lighting System Integration

Danfoss Variable Speed Drive Integration


Connecting Spine and Kirkwood Hall Project

This was the second project in the multiyear plan to renovate the entire existing museum. The project consists of a new entry into the existing museum from the new building project and renovation of several galleries and the main lobby area.


 (2)       CAV Air Handlers

(20+)   CAV Reheat/Humidification Control Zone

(2)        Steam to Hot Water Converters

(2)        Hot Water Pumps

Simplex Fire Alarm Integration

GE Lighting System Integration

Danfoss Variable Speed Drive Integration.


In addition, we have also been proud to be a part of the Chinese Scroll Gallery, the American and American Indian Art Collection and the Egyptian Gallery projects.  Control Service Company is honored to be the sole provider of building automation controls to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art and looks forward to a long lasting relationship for many years to come.   


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