Control Service Company has been an innovator in Building Management Services and Total Energy Solutions for over 40 years.  We know that a training event is only successful when the coordination of facilities, instructors, students, equipment, services and materials is completed successfully.  At Control Service Company we take training very seriously.

We believe the more our customers know about our system, and the more comfortable they are using it, the happier they will be.

By design, CSC offers a scaffold progression to its training courses.  This allows the customer to be challenged as well as build on the knowledge from the previous classes.

Our innovative training solutions are offered on-site or at our facility to provide you with “borderless classrooms” and a cost effective way to deliver training to a broader audience.  We offer a variety of classes, from basic operator training to advanced engineering and programming, all tailored to meet your specific needs.

In addition, we conduct the following classes in our on-site training facility, free of charge to our Service Contract customers (and at a structured rate for non-contract customers).

Please send any training inquiries to: or

Sharon Franson at: (816 600-5800) or

John Kutchko at: (816 309-0165) 


Unless otherwise noted, classes are 4 hours long, either from 8am-noon, or 1-5pm.

Class sizes range from four to eight participants.

Minimum class sizes are required to host a class.The class listing is below.

  • Getting to know WebCTRL - CS001
  • Expert Scheduling - CS002
  • Expert Trending - CS003
  • How to get alarms to work for you - CS004
  • Reports, Reports, Reports, and more Reports - CS005
  • Logic - CS006 (all day class)
  • Administrators Class - CS007
  • Energy Conservation and Other Measures - CS008
  • Editing an existing Equipment program and graphic -CS009
  • Understanding ALC Control Modules and Routers - CS010-v5.2
  • What's New in WebCTRL v6 - CS011-v6 (2 hour class)
  • HVAC 101 - CS012
  • Networking 101 - CS013
  • ALC Networks - CS014
  •  BACnet - CS015
  •  Integration - CS016
  •  Field Devices - CS017


Select a class link below (in red) for its description, to sign up, and to find out its time:

There are no training opportunities currently scheduled. Please check back soon for updates.